Graylyn Estate Wedding Photographer Winston-Salem
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Graylyn Estate Wedding Photographer Winston-Salem

Ashley and Jim's engagement session ran the gamut from sweet to steamy and we went so many places. We ended up at their home together for an impromptu romance session in the shower. I love a good challenge and when they told me about the things they love, one of them was taking a shower together. I wanted to capture this for them but how do you make such an intimate photograph and still keep it PG? My thoughts started running to steam and silhouettes. So I threw my flash in the shower, let it get all steamy and asked them to get in. The I headed into the bathroom and started shooting. Each flash created a spectacular silhouette just as I had envisioned. And because I put a zip lock bag over my flash, it even survived tit's first shower!

Location: Winston-Salem, NC.

Keywords: Boudoir (45), Couple's Session (3), Engagement Session (138), Home (3), NC (711), Romance Session (90), Shower (3), Silhouette (57), Steamy (3), Winston-Salem (111). 1/30; f/2.8; ISO 800; 24.0 mm.

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