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For Kelley and Jarrett's baseball engagement session, we took over War Memorial Stadium for the day. You see, at the time of the shoot, Jarrett was a minor league baseball pitcher, and a damned good one! I wanted dynamic, epic shots that spoke to the couple's relationship revolving around baseball - Jarrett is a phenomenal baseball pitcher and they met on a baseball field. We got the beautiful and historical War Memorial Stadium in downtown Greensboro, NC and shot in the back, deep dark hallways, we shot in the new stands as well as the old ones, we shot against the wonderfully crinkled deep blue paint that pulled at Kelley's hair in the most romantic way possible.

Most important to me, I wanted a series of images of Jarrett pitching to Kelley. Now bravery is important to me both from my clients and especially from myself as that is where the most interesting images live. I laid down just behind home plate to get a shot of the pitches. Jarrett was given clear instructions - "Pitch to Kelley but DO NOT hit me!" He did amazing job and Kelley hit so many of the pitches. but on this particular image, she topped the ball and it veered off course straight off course into my lens and consequently straight into my eventually black eye.The ball destroyed my lens and camera but it was absolutely worth it! This is one of my favorite shots of my entire career. It is a story telling piece and it is wildly dynamic. It also won a Fearless Photographer Award!

And if you want to see the lens damage, here ya go!Damaged Canon Lens From Baseball Shoot Greensboro NC

War Memorial Greensboro Wedding Photographer

Engagement Portrait, War Memorial Stadium, Greensboro, NC

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GREENSBORO NC Wedding Photography

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Location: 510 Yanceyville St, Greensboro, NC 27405.

Keywords: Atlanta Braves, Award Winner (12), Baseball (12), Engagement Session (46), Fearless Award Winner (11), Greensboro (84), NC (240), North Carolina (38), War Memorial Stadium (9). 1/500; f/5.0; ISO 100; 24.0 mm.

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