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Best Indian Wedding Photographer Raleigh NC

Arti and Tj and I have very deeply bonded. Like I ADORE these people. I ADORE their families. I have seriously considered asking them to adopt me. These are good people and they are ALL freaking gorgeous to boot!

So during Arti and TJ's ceremony at the Sihk Gurdwara of North Carolina, Arti's mother was sitting at her side and Arti started to tear up. In a move that absolutely broke me (yes, I still cry at ceremonies), Arti's mom reached over and softly started stroking the tears away and whispering endearments. Because I move all over the place and especially love to shoot from the front of the ceremony, I was able to get this very intimate shot.

Why do I shoot from the front of the ceremony? Aren't I noticeable and do I take attention from the bride and groom? I love to move around the ceremony space as much as possible so I can show as many aspects of that portion of the story as possible. I don't want to see just the backs of the heads of the guests. I want to see the parent's reactions. I want to see the grandparents and the aunts and uncles and the best friends reacting with joy, laughter, and tears during this incredibly intimate moment. I want to see that visual language that happens between a bride and groom that just isn't visible from the back of the ceremony. 

Aren't I visible and grabbing attention from the bride and groom? Nope. Not at all. I dress in all black and am very stealthy. Plus, let's be honest, people are glued to the bride and croom and the pagentry of what's gong on before them. They don't even notice me at all. And when people see the images, they are always thrilled.

Location: The Sihk Gurdwara of North Carolina, 3214 Banner St, Durham, NC 27704.

Keywords: Bride (180), Ceremony (39), Durham (39), Emotional (9), Emotional. Mother (3), Gurdwara (3), Indian (24), Sihk (21), Tears (3), Wedding (579). 1/80; f/2.8; ISO 1000; 200.0 mm.

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