Melville Castle Edinburgh Scotland Wedding Staircase
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Melville Castle Edinburgh Scotland Wedding Staircase

A Grand Staircase can be an amazing option for your wedding portraits. Things to consider when you are considering whether to use the staircase for your formals should be how many people are you trying to arrange. It can actually take quite a bit of time to get everyone arranged when you are working with a large group of people. However, if you are just incorporating a few people into the shot, the drama of a staircase can be breathtaking.

Staircases can be used to frame a bride or elevate the couple in their images and make them more ethereal.

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Another way to incorporate the Grand Staircase into your image is for the bride to enter via the staircase. It can add incredible drama to your entrance and create for some truly staggering images for your album.

Location: Melville Castle Hotel, Gilmerton Rd, Edinburgh, Lasswade EH18 1AP, United Kingdom.

Keywords: Bride (180), Ceremony (39), Destination Wedding (231), Edinburgh (18), Melville Castle (51), Scotland (48), Staircase (9), Wedding (579). 1/30; f/2.8; ISO 1600; 24.0 mm.

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