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It is estimated that in 2017 alone, some 1.2 trillion pictures (with an annual growth rate of 9%) will be created by smartphones and devices. They will be shared on social platforms, emailed, texted, and Instagrammed. Then they will disappear into the mass of all the new photos that come after it. Smart devices capture hundreds if not thousands of images and to sort through those images of nearly identical bursts becomes a monumental task.

Storage of digital files has changed from floppy discs to DVDs to the cloud and keeping up the the technological changes can be a huge task. Plus files are only getting larger and more unwieldy.The most effective storage methods are rapidly changing and evolving to meet cost and performance needs of the user. This opens an amazing door for us to take more and more photos! However, organization and display will become the inverse nightmare.

On the other side of the scale, prints are immediate. They are constant. They are a tactile piece of your history. Choose the images that mean to most to you, that will create that web of connections and that will tell the your story. By printing the most intimate, the most loving, and the most special images you are creating a physical archive which will be a constant reminder of the most precious moments in your life. The prints will live on to tell your children who and what you are. It will teach them self-esteem and self-worth. That's a pretty amazing return on your investment.

Having the ability to shoot anything you want without worrying about running out of film is kind of miraculous. Being able to access those digital files is an excellent backup to have. But to have a print, matted, framed and signed by the artist, creates an heirloom that can easily be handed down from one generation to the next. Images that are printed on archival papers can last well over 200 years. They can give families a deeper understanding of where they came from, what their story is, and, most importantly, who you are.


There is power in a photographic print. In this age of social media and digital devices, you may wonder why so many people buy prints for their tables and walls. Well, first, because you and your story are beautiful and you want to showcase that in your home. But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, because photographic prints have a remarkable ability to increase self-worth and self-esteem of the people in them.

A powerful and unseen impact of photographic prints is how it affects children and their self-worth. In 1975, there was a Tulane University study of fourth graders in Tennessee. Students used Polaroid camera to create self-portraits and scrapbooks of themselves over a 5 week period. At the end of that time, testing revealed that the students who took part in the study demonstrated a 37% increase in their average self-esteem behaviors. Photographs show connections, where people fit in to their society and how they see themselves on a daily basis as part of a whole. They not only understand their place, but they see themselves as valued.

But why not just have the digital images rolling on a screen - wouldn't that have the same effect? David Krauss is a Cleveland, Ohio psychologist and he is one of the earliest pioneers of using photographic prints and family albums to aid in mental heath therapy. When people see something on a daily basis, when they can touch it, they learn their genealogy. They learn their story. And that physical object demonstrates their worth to those around them. Your photographs are not simply pieces of paper. They are the powerful connections, the memories, and, yes, even a way to show the inherent value of the people we love. It's time to hang your images on the walls, to put them in frames, and to carry them around with you. And, of course, keep shooting on that phone between sessions with your photographer because, as they say, "Pics or it didn't happen!"


We offer our clients a wide array of traditional and custom print sizes as well as add-on matting, mounting and framing. These images are all printed in an archival method so that your memories will be preserved throughout the next 200 years or so. Wall portraits are always signed by the artist. If you would like special products, just ask.

30x40 Wall Print
24x36 Wall Print$1000.00
20x30 Wall Print$750.00
24x24 Wall Print$800.00
20x24 Wall Print$500.00
16x20 Wall Print$250.00
11x14 Print$125.00
12x12 Print$100.00
8x12 Print$70.00
8x10 Print$55.00
5x7 Print$40.00
Set of 50 4x6s of your choice$125.00
4x6 Print$30.00
8 Wallets30.00


Your images will be delivered to you via an online gallery and storefront. This personalized website can be shared on any social media platform as well as via email. Additionally, every image in your gallery has the ability to be shared with a simple click of a button.Should you want to the fully edited Master Artist Digital Files, are always available for purchase by my clients. *Raw or unedited images are not available under any circumstances.

All digital files are delivered at the noted pixel size and may be printed no larger without losing quality. We will send you a list of recommended labs so you get the very best from your purchase.

1 copy of each Master Artist File from your eventOriginal Size
1 16x20 Master Artist File7000 px$500
1 11x14 Master Artist File4200 px$400
1 8x10 Master Artist File3000 px$300
1 5x7 Master Artist File2100 px$200

  • Please note that sales tax will be applied to all purchased within NC. The NC Tax rate is 6.75%.
  • All purchases must be paid in full prior to print fulfillment.
  • We are more than happy to set up payment plans so you can get exactly what you want when you are able.

To learn more about our beautiful handmade Master Artist Albums, check out our Album Page!

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