Nika and Brad’s Destination Wedding at Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC

  • Q. What’s your story? How did you two meet?
    A. We met on about two and a half years ago. I emailed Brad first and he liked me because I had an Anchorman quote on my page. After a few emails we went out to dinner and a movie. We just hit it off right away.
  • Q. Who proposed to who? How long did it take? Were you surprised?
    A. Brad proposed to me. He was planning the engagement for about 8 months. I was going on a family vacation to Spain and I invited him to come. He said he couldn’t take off from work. Then while I was in Barcelona sitting at a cafe with my mom and sister, Brad showed up with my father and surprised me. He gave me about 10 seconds to process that he was there before he proposed.
  • Q. What do each of you do for a living. Do you love it or want to do something different?

    A. Nika: I’m currently a student at ECU. My major is Middle Grades Education. I graduate in the spring of next year. Basically all of this year I’m doing my student teaching. I love finding creative ways to teach kids and working with them. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Brad: I’m the IT manager for a small navy contracting firm. I love working with computers and the people I work with. I also love the freedom that I get with my job.

  • Q. What are each of your guilty pleasures? (You can list what you tell other people or you can share your secret ones – I won’t tell…)

    A. Nika: I’m a chocolate fiend, I almost always have a piece of chocolate everyday. I’m a child at heart, so I have to admit that I love Disney.

    Brad: Videogames

  • Q. Who are each of your favorite visual artists? Do you do any form of art yourselves?

    A. Nika: It’s kind of hard to come up with just one, so I have a list of some artists I love: Monet, Kandinsky and Salvador Dali. I went to SCAD for a year and a half. I spent a lot of time doing photography, but unfortunately it has been a while since I’ve seriously taken pictures.

    Brad: I consider vintage cars, such as Bugattis and Ferraris as forms of art.

  • Q. What is the absolute best thing about your Beloved? What would they say about you?

    A. Nika: I would have to say the best thing about Brad is how well he treats the people he loves. He never lets a day go by without showing me he loves me and he’s such an amazing man with his and my family. I think he would say that his favorite thing about me is my kindness.

    Brad: The best thing about Nika is her smile. Her happiness is infectious and causes others around her to be happy also. My ability to stay level headed when things get tough could be what she said about me.

  • Q. Why am I the right photographer for you guys?
    A. We love how artistic your photographs are and how you make a real effort to get to know your clients. We feel confident that we will be happy to have you there at our day and feel comfortable with you taking our pictures and capturing the moments at our wedding.

Venue: Tryon Palace  // Event Coordinator: Southern Hospitality Concierge Service  // Hair Stylist: Split Endz // Makeup Artist: Posh Palette // Gown Designer: Vera Wang // Florist: Anne Griggs Productions // Caterer: The Chelsea Restaurant // Cake Artist: Famous Bakery // Musician: Hip Shack

To see the entire, glorious wedding, click here!


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