Destination Wedding Details & Portraiture at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, California

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When Marissa and Huntington got married at Terranea Resort a few weeks ago, I knew how important the detail shot of her dress would be to her. I got to spend some time playing and shot the dress on multiple backgrounds but this double exposure is my absolute favorite. I shot 2 exposures, the first was a very small painting hanging in the kitchen that had wonderful colors and brush strokes. For the second shot, I hung the gown from a light fixture in the hallway. By setting the camera to the Light mode, the dress overwrote the colors in the painting. Then I brought the two original images as well as the double exposure into Adobe Photoshop, layered them to make sure that any color overlays on the dress were cleaned up and the dress was it’s dazzling stripped self.

Marissa’s dress was hanging on a 4 poster and I was standing down the hallway. By finding the reflection in a frame, stopping down dramatically and putting a flush underneath the folds of the gown and lighting it from within, the glow shows the the structure and design of the fabric. Then in Lightroom, I used many radial filters to darken and shift the color of the frame to a deep gold to showcase the colors already in the dress. Even though the image was taken in a bright room at 3:14 on a California afternoon, it’s what you see in your head, and knowing and how to achieve it that matters. Art matters so try to find the time to see to that final image and figure out how to get there. 1/40 sec, f/1.4, 35mm, ISO 50, Flash set at 1/32 power with 1 Magmod on the flash.


Traci Arney

I am an overly passionate, slightly obsessive fine art photographer who just happened to fall in love with photographing weddings. Recently I was named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States. I love telling stories so I dig pretty deep into your personal story. We have a blast together and you will be blown away by my images, your prints, and your album!

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