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Farm Wedding

Bride and groom in blue lit silo during their romance from their outdoor wedding at Summerfield Farms, Summerfield, NC

Outdoor Chic Wedding at Summerfield Farms | Summerfield, NC

Traci: When did you know you had met the one? Was there something that made you catch your breath and just know? Mark: She was rafting and drinking with the boys; coolest girl on...
bride and groom seen kissing in rear view mirror of their rolls royce get away car at an outdoor wedding at Adaumont Farms at Trinity, NC

Outdoor Ceremony and Lux Barn Reception | Adaumont Farms | Trinity, NC

I adore music almost as much as I do photography (I’m a closet singer but no one knows that…) There is an incredible bravery standing in front of a crowd and being the center...