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wedding rings sit in moss with Wonder Lake , Denali National Park AL in background

Love Notes | How to Tell Your Love Story Through The Wedding Details You Choose

How many hours have you spent planning your wedding details? Have you thought about what they are going to look like? How about what story they are trying to tell? Wait!?! Did you even realize that the details you choose can tell your story to your guests? Imagine an air force wedding where instead of showering you with petals, people throw paper airplanes at you as come into your reception.  Or how about a culturally diverse wedding where not everyone speaks the same language. How about each RSVP card has a line where each guest requests their favorite song. Then people are not just guests at your wedding, they are active participants and get to claim their song.  now my daddy...

Matters of Light and Time | How To Choose The Best Time Of Day For Your Outdoor Ceremony

I was recently asked by the fabulous Leigh Pearce of Leigh Pearce Weddings to be a guest blogger.  She gave me a pretty wide open field (so long as it dealt with photography!) and I chose a subject near and dear to my heart – light.  Light is everything to us photographers and I wanted to discuss how you can plan your day to optimize its fabulosity.  So here’s the question we discuss: what is the optimal time to get married in order to get the soft buttery light that just makes a wedding sing? All of the images above were taken within 2 hours of sunset and you can see how gorgeous the light is. Bodies look longer and leaner, skin...