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Remember Caitlin and Andrew’s beautiful Blowing Rock Engagement Session?  Remember the gorgeous mountain backdrop, the silliness, the laughter, and complete and utter sense of love?  Their wedding was no different…well, except that whole natural, outdoorsy thing.  Instead, I had the awesome urban backdrop of Uptown Charlotte, NC.  The wedding took place in St. Peter’s Catholic Church followed by their sky high reception at Bently’s on 27th.

We started out the day hanging with the girls at Salon on Selwyn. Now y’all have heard me yammer on (some might say harp on) about the importance of attention to detail in the room you get dressed in.  Assign all you stuff to one corner of the room so it looks clean and tidy, a beautiful mirror to add interest to the shots, and, if possible, a gorgeous room.  Caitlin’s getting ready photos are a prime example of why these simple suggestions make all the difference in the world. The focus is all on her and her girls and not on the chaos of the mess in the room.  These are actually some of my favorite shots from the day!

Be sure to check out Modern Trousseau‘s website!  This shot of caitlin made it onto their Featured Brides section!!!

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Caitlin and Andrew exited the ceremony and stepped outside into Charlotte Pride’s parade and accepted congratulations and had their photos taken with some of the participants.  It was a beautiful moment.




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