Fields and Alleys | A Greensboro E-Session | Stephanie and Mike Are Engaged!

What’s that you say?  You want to do part of your engagement shoot at a bowling alley?  No problem!  Well…it was actually quite tricky (and just a little bit scary) but so worth the effort.  How was it tricky?  Well, bowling alleys are dark and for some unknown reason, avid bowlers are definitely not keen on us using flash photography in their sacred space. Solution?  Go in really early on a Sunday morning and light the place up.  Many thanks to Triad Lanes for letting us take over for a bit.  Why was it scary?  I have a tendency to lay down on floors to get more dynamic shots but having bowling balls whizzing toward your head as you look through your lens can be quite disconcerting (but hilarious to the people watching you twitch and shriek as the ball flies down the ally.  But was it worth it?  Absolutely!  Would I do it again?  Only with a spotter. I couldn’t resist sneaking behind the back wall and photographing the pin mechanism.  I find it to be so beautiful in its own industrial way.

Later in the evening we met in a beautiful open field near Guilford College and played in that gorgeous Golden Hour light

I was completely thrilled to find out that Stephanie is the Social Event Sales Coordinator at the O.Henry Hotel here in Greensboro and handles all the weddings so I know her own big day next year is going to be AMAZING!

Traci Arney

I am an overly passionate, slightly obsessive fine art photographer who just happened to fall in love with photographing weddings. Recently I was named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States. I love telling stories so I dig pretty deep into your personal story. We have a blast together and you will be blown away by my images, your prints, and your album!

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