Victoria and AJ | Greek Wedding | Winston-Salem, NC

Bride and groom in creek backlit during romance session in Winston-Salem, NC

Victoria has quickly become one of my fearless poster brides. She’s the one on the windmill. When she pointed out the spot that she used to climb as a child during her bridal session, I asked her if she would climb it in her bridal gown. Without hesitation, she did so. Her windmill portrait portrayed her grace, beauty and bravery against a magical sky and a perfect wind. It instantly became one of my favorite bridal portraits and has won a Fearless Award.

I was pretty darn excited about her wedding.

It did not disappoint. It was at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, one of my favorite places to photograph weddings. It’s colorful, it’s exuberant and they embrace photographers coming up on the altar during the ceremony, which allows me to capture some really intimate moments. I adore how happy they both are through the whole ceremony. No nerves for these two!

Victoria and AJ have been together for a long time and you can tell. Their comfort and acceptance of each other is transparent and they were both incredibly joyous from the beginning of my time with them until the very end. And I was with them for 12 hours! They were smiling and laughing the whole time. Every single image from their wedding reflects joy. A completely true depiction of the day.

Traci: What is the coolest thing about your wedding?
Victoria: How many kids are going to be in it.

Victoria wasn’t exaggerating. There were so many gorgeous kids at this wedding. It was so sweet to watch and capture Victoria’s nurturing disposition with them. You could tell that the adoration was mutual. AJ and Victoria were so inclusive of children at their wedding…and they just had their own sweet one and I know they will be extraordinary

AJ and Victoria’s reception included music from The Extraordinaires and was complete merriment. Victoria and AJ were on the dance floor, on the stage with the band, doing handstands. Their energy was contagious and the movement from them, their friends and their family never ceased.

I left their wedding exhausted and smiling – a perfect day resulting in some gorgeous wedding images.

Thank you Victoria, for being a fearless bride. And thank you AJ and Victoria, for including me in part of your very fun, very joyous and very beautiful day!


Traci Arney

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