Sarah and Derek Are Married | A Wine Tasting Wedding in the in Elkin, NC

Sarah and Derek’s story starts with a work conference and a shoe.  Two Christian Louboutin dark blue shoes with a fiery red sole to be exact.

Sarah and Derek had worked together from afar on projects but met for the first time when an annual leadership meeting brought them into the same room.  Derek managed to work Sarah’s shoes into what Sarah says was the “best pick up line ever!”    Before the conference was over, their fate was sealed.

Sarah and Derek’s closest friends and family were in for a treat when they received the invitation to celebrate their special day.  This was no ordinary wedding!  They all loaded onto a party bus (all weddings should start with a party bus!) with Derek and Sarah and enjoyed wine tastings at several vineyards throughout the picturesque North Carolina foothills before reaching their final destination of Raffaldini Vineyards for an intimate ceremony and reception.

I love the images from their wedding…the passion that they have for one another is so breathtakingly evident in all of the photographs.  That passion set against the landscape of the beautiful vineyards creates an enchanting effect.  And of course, their wedding portfolio would not be complete without a few photographs of those sexy shoes!  Sarah proudly wore those game changers on the party bus tour of the vineyards.

If love is like a fine wine that just grows better with time, then I can’t wait to see what is in store for these two.  Congratulations, Sarah and Derek!


Traci Arney

I am an overly passionate, slightly obsessive fine art photographer who just happened to fall in love with photographing weddings. Recently I was named one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States. I love telling stories so I dig pretty deep into your personal story. We have a blast together and you will be blown away by my images, your prints, and your album!

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